200+ Yoga Affirmation Viral Videos (Shorts/TikTok/Reels) + Pre-Written Email Series + Social Media Content with PLR

Post them directly or quickly customize for maximum profit by creating trending social media channels!​

100% Unrestricted Use Rights On The Videos

All sales are final, no refund in any way. Please check some designs included when buying the package.

The Yoga Viral Content Revolution Is Here!

Have you observed the current craze for snappy, viral clips? Lengthy, dull videos are no longer in vogue – our bustling lives won’t permit it.

Yet, a peek into platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube reveals that some are soaring in popularity with concise videos – many without revealing their identity!

Here’s the kicker: This method offers a straightforward path to virality and substantial earnings.

Major platforms like TikTok and Instagram are generously compensating these video maestros!

Why not dive into this wave and claim your piece of the earnings?

Introducing The Yoga / Affirmation Video &
Email Content Bundle
with Private Label Rights!


I’ve assembled a Premium Bundle of 200+ Yoga & Affirmations Viral Videos for you, all set and ready to deploy – saving you the hassle of sourcing or editing videos!

Plus you get your hands on 200+ corresponding Emails, one email per one affirmation.

Plus you get the Social Media Post Content per Affirmation including hashtags.

These videos are designed to crush on social media. Create a new Yoga related profile, start sharing and experience a surge in followers.

Select one or several daily, and swiftly upload them to TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels in mere minutes!

No expertise in video editing required. Just choose your clip, make a few clicks, and you’re set! Want to add a personal touch? Integrate your logo or make minor adjustments to the video.

This is a groundbreaking opportunity! With viral-ready content at your disposal, and a quick, straightforward upload process, watch your social media channels flourish in no time!

All sales are final, no refund in any way. Please check some designs included when buying the package.

Here are some examples of the video content from this package.

Here are some examples of the email content from this package.

All sales are final, no refund in any way. Please check some designs included when buying the package.

🌿 Why Yoga? Yoga isn’t just a trend; it’s a lifestyle embraced by millions worldwide seeking physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. With the increasing stress of modern life, more people are turning to Yoga as a refuge, making it a niche that is not only evergreen but continually growing:

  • Keyword “Yoga” – Receives over 1.5 million searches per month globally.
  • “Yoga for beginners” – Approximately 450,000 searches per month.
  • “Yoga workouts online” – About 100,000 monthly searches.
  • These numbers are steadily rising, signifying a growing interest and demand in the Yoga space.

🎥 The Power of Video Products: Video content is engaging, easy to digest, and preferred by learners. By offering Yoga video products:

  • You cater to visual learners and those who prefer following along with video guidance.
  • Video content is shareable, increasing your product’s visibility and reach.
  • It allows for a higher perceived value, letting you price your products competitively.

🚀 Leveraging PLR for Profit: With PLR products, the opportunities to generate revenue are vast and varied:

  • Rebrand and Resell: Tailor the content to reflect your brand and resell to your audience. With PLR, you are at liberty to set your price point, maximizing your profits.
  • Membership Sites: Offer the video products as valuable content for your paid membership site, driving subscriptions and retention.
  • Lead Magnets: Use the PLR video products as incentives for newsletter sign-ups, building a robust and niche-specific email list for future marketing endeavors.
  • Online Courses: Integrate the video products into comprehensive courses that you can market to individuals eager to delve deep into Yoga practice and philosophy.

🌎 Global Appeal: Yoga transcends borders and cultures. With a product that appeals to a global audience, you significantly broaden your market, increase your potential customer base, and ultimately, your revenue.

Now is the perfect time to invest in Yoga PLR video products. With the combination of a thriving niche, the engaging format of video content, and the flexibility offered by PLR, you are well on your way to establishing a profitable and sustainable online business.

All sales are final, no refund in any way. Please check some designs included when buying the package.

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All sales are final, no refund in any way. Please check some designs included when buying the package.

Here's What's Inside This Package:

All sales are final, no refund in any way. Please check some designs included when buying the package.

Questions and Answers

You can use the videos and content as is and post the content on your social media channels. 

You can sell the package with personal usage rights. 

You can´t give away the content for free or add the content to free membership sites.

You can´t sell the content on marketplaces like WarriorPlus, JVZoo, PayKickstart, Clickbank, Digistore24 or similiar.

Yes. We offer two upsells. First upsell allows you to sell the package with Private Label Rights. Second upsell is a done for you service. We will install the full funnel on your webhosting using your domain or on our domain resellrights.org using a subdomain with your name. 

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