PLR – Dino Meets Halloween Coloring Book

Dominate The Dino Halloween Coloring Book Niche

Hi Friends, Nadine and Rene here...

Coloring books will support and improve children´s brains and musculoskeletal systems. It will help them relax, just like doing some meditational exercises.

And you will make money online selling high-quality, in-demand coloring sheets for kids. Just check some results of real-world sellers of coloring sheets and ebooks below.

It´s not just selling these beautiful hand-drawn images. You can tell a story behind our image compositions. You can make it your very own and unique product.

We are creating the coloring image stories for our kids and friends’ kids and they have a lot of fun making them colored.

So we decided to make them public for the first time. The images are UNIQUE and HAND-DRAWN and your buyers will have a lot of fun creating beautiful colored short stories.

It´s not just a fish, a clown or a dog. We provide you with image storytelling templates.

If you want to sell something special on Etsy, Amazon and Co check out what you can sell within the next few minutes.

Dinos and monsters are unique and colorful.  All of our compositions are UNIQUE and HAND-DRAWN. You will not find these compositions anywhere else. Children will have a lot of fun giving these images a unique colored story. 

The images will astound the children’s minds and boost their creativity!


Dino & Monster Coloring Package

Let me ask two question:



Yes, you will get full commercial and print-on-demand rights, so you can sell these beautiful image compositions on marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, eBay or on your own website and social media profiles. And you can use them to surprise your friends and give them a gift.

You´re getting 20 Unique, High-Quality Premium Black & White Line Drawing Designs And Examples of how to color the Images. Put Your Name On – Be Proud To Sell Something Beautiful.

You´ll get 20 Black and White Coloring Designs in PNG and SVG Format.

Dominate the coloring sub-niche and start making money selling these designs.

You need high-quality designs to provide your customers a high-quality and unique product.

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Let´s Summarize Why This Bundle Makes You Money And Why You Need To Join Today

This bundle provides you all you need to enter the Dino and monster coloring niche with a major advantage over the competitors.
Literally prepared to utilize out of the box, this package of designs will save you a lot money and time.
Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on visuals designers that can be unstable and provide worthless (and stolen) work, you’ll have HIGH-QUALITY designs for a SMALL portion of the rate.

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Let´s recap one more time - here is what you will get and own within the next few minutes.

Still Thinking?

You will have Unique and High-Quality Designs.

Put your name on it and sell over and over again.

The Price For The Designs Is Super Low. During The Launch You Get A Big Discount.

The DFY Dino/Monster Coloring Package Comes With Commercial Rights.

Start Making Money With Print On Demand Designs.

Grab This Deal Right Now And Start Selling On Marketplaces Like Etsy, eBay , Amazon And Co.

Get A Crazy Bonus And Add 20 Logic Puzzles For Kids To Your Business.

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To Your Success Nadine & Rene


[YES] Use the designs for your own personal projects

[YES] You have commercial rights and print on demand (POD) rights. Commercial rights cover the usage on client´s projects. POD rights allows you to use them on end user products like
coloring sheets and or  books or print on demand t-shirts, hoodies, mugs…

[YES] You can edit the designs (add more details or props/characters) however the personal
use and commercial rights above still apply.

[No] Use our name in anyway

[No] Claim Copyright on the designs or part of the designs

[No] Sell the designs in anyway (as is or parts of them or your derivate work)

[No] Sell PLR to the designs in anyway (as is or parts of them or your derivate work)

[No] Copy (paint-over) the designs and sell them.

All sales are final, no refund in anyway. You can check every design you will get when buying the package on the sales page.

During the Launch Period You Will Get A Big Discount. You Get The Package For Only $15. Normal Price After Launch Period is $39. 

There is one upsell – you can buy PLR Rights and sell the package with commercial and pod rights to other marketers. The offer will appear after you have bought the front end package.

We have covered you. Once you have bought the front end package we will give you 20 logic puzzles for kids with commercial and pod rights as a bonus.

Of course. Simply click the support button in the footer, send us your issue and we are happy to help you.

Yes. We provide some basic training on how to use the SVG to upscale the designs and have added some tools to create an eBook from the designs. We show you how to scale the colored png file as well so you can print out larger sizes.